Light Brown Quick Touch Up Spray

Light Brown Quick Touch Up Spray

Light Brown Quick Touch Up Spray

Light Brown Quick Touch Up Spray

From Specchiasol Scientific Research in the hair colouring field, the Spray was developed for quick regrowth touch up.

With a simple and ultra-quick movement, the light coloured spray hides regrowth effectively, dries in a minute and goes away with the first shampoo.

Thanks to the innovative formula and the natural active ingredients, the spray colours the hair temporarily between one dyeing and another by giving the hair hydration and protection at the same time.

Instructions for use: 

1 - Shake well before use

2 - Spray at a distance of 15 cm from the area being covered

3 - Leave to dry for 1 minute for an optimal set of colour and active ingredients.

Tip: for a quicker set, use a hairdryer with cold air setting.

How to remove it: it goes away with the first shampoo.

Functional ingredients: 

Its formula, free from silicons and parabens, is enhanced by the triple action of natural ingredients:
Aloe vera Bio: a plant with a wide variety of properties able to offer numerous advantages to hair, by providing a soothing, hydrating and softening action;
Chia Seed Oil: 100% natural cold-pressed extra virgin botanic oil extracted from the seeds of the Salvia Hispanica historically called “Chia”. It protects the hair fibres from the oxidative damages caused by the UV rays;
Vegetable keratin: Ecocert approved active ingredient based on soya, wheat and maize amino-acids with a revitalising and repairing action.

Formato75 ml
Codice PARAF973338484
Codice EAN8002738983725
Necessitàhair care