The natural solutions to anxiety and sleep disorders

The natural solutions to anxiety and sleep disorders

The natural solutions to anxiety and sleep disorders

Anxiety is a very common disorder (according to the World Health Organisation it affects 15-20% of the population), characterised by an emotion that is very similar to fear, threat and imminent and indefinable danger.  A basic element in almost all manifestations of neurosis, anxiety can develop in various forms: general anxiety, acute anxiety attacks, simple phobias, social phobias or anxiety caused by trauma and stress.

Anxiety disorders can relate to the following phenomena: cardiovascular (heart palpitations, hypertensive crisis, vasomotor disorders), respiratory (shortness of breath, sighing dyspnoea, hyperventilation), gastrointestinal (dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea), urinary (frequent urge to urinate), muscular (contractures, tremors), and sensory (visual blurring, ringing in the ears, dizziness).

Chronic anxiety is distinguished by irritability, tension, hyperaesthesia, insomnia, impaired cognitive function (attention and memory) and somatisation of various organs, such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, cardiac erethism, gastroduodenitis, impotence and frigidity.

Some plant extracts and functional ingredients help restore calm and serenity.


Hawthorn has a sedative and muscle relaxant action as well as beneficial cardiovascular effects:

  • Dilates blood vessel muscles (especially coronary ones);
  • Increases myocardial contractile force;
  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure.

Magnesium (carbonate + glycerophosphate), Taurine and Vitamin B6

These three components in synergy help

  • Reduce hyper-excitability;
  • Enhance the performance of the nervous system,
  • Control symptoms of anxiety.


L-theanine has a relaxing effect, improves learning ability and improves sleep quality.


Griffonia is a natural source of 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP): Useful to:

  • Improve mood;
  • Counteract symptoms of anxiety.

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