EPID propolis against seasonal ailments

EPID propolis against seasonal ailments

EPID propolis against seasonal ailments

During the autumn-winter season, the body is more easily attacked by bacteria and viruses, especially due to the adverse climatic and atmospheric conditions. The protection of the airways can be boosted by some natural preparations, such as propolis, with a specific defensive action.

This is an aromatic resinous substance, usually of a bright brown colour, which the older, more skilled worker bees collect make from the buds of certain trees and the bark of coniferous trees. Propolis can be used for preventive or therapeutic purposes, on its own or in combination with other preparations, at any age.

Nonetheless, the high wax content poses the risk of possible allergic episodes, following administration, especially in individuals prone to pollen allergies. Waxes, furthermore, prevent the beneficial action of the active ingredients by reducing their activity, since they reduce their absorption. Therefore, waxes are removed to prevent allergic episodes, increase the curative potential and optimise the quality of propolis extracts.

The E.P.I.D.® (Hydrodispersible Dewaxed Propolis Extract) patented purification process is aimed at reducing the allergising power of propolis, through the elimination of the waxy and resinous fraction of propolis and the use of a lactic bacteria, Lactobacillus helveticus, which is able to break down the allergising molecules into molecules of non-allergising caffeic acid (a substance naturally contained in coffee). This method involves the use of low temperatures and natural solvents that guarantee a standardised content of polyphenols of 3% in H.P.L.C.

Propolis can perform many beneficial functions: from ensuring the well-being of the throat and upper respiratory tract to protecting the mouth and gums against minor irritations.

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