Delicious and in shape with Stevygreen Family!

Delicious and in shape with Stevygreen Family!

Who said that you have to give up sweets when on a diet?

Born from the scientific research of Specchiasol, here's to you Stevygreen; the all natural, non-cariogenic sweetener with no calories, obtained from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni (steviol glycosides).

Stevia is an American plant known for its extraordinary sweetening power, about 300 times that of common table sugar (sucrose).

Stevygreen by Specchiasol is ideal for a low-calorie diet and for all those who need to cut down on sugar. It is also suitable for diabetics.

It is available in drops, tablets, sachets and in the special Family jar. Stevygreen, in fact, is not ideal only for sweetening beverages and hot drinks like tea, coffee, herbal teas and infusions, but also in the preparation of your desserts thanks to a cookbook created by Specchiasol.

By using Stevygreen Family instead of sugar, you will knock down all the calories present in sucrose, however making sweets that are equally delicious and ... healthier!

How to get the Stevygreen cookbook? It's very simple:  just buy a Family jar, plus another product of the Stevygreen line, and the cookbook will be yours free!