FERROGREEN PLUS single dose vials


FERROGREEN PLUS single dose vials

Ferrogreen Plus is a food supplement of Iron, Manganese, Vitamin C, concentrated fruit and  vegetable juices and plant extracts. The Iron promotes the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue; also the association with vitamin C promotes  a greater absorption.
With Ferro LipoCoated®
- Highly absorbable and well-tolerated,
- In the form of liposome ("bead" lipid sunflower lecithin),
- Maximum absorption of iron content.

Instructions for use: 

1 vial a day, before the main meal.

Functional ingredients: 

In dosing cap: LipoCoated® Iron (iron pyrophosphate, corn starch, fatty acid saccharide esters, sunflower lecithin), Rosehip fruits d.e. titrated at 70% in Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid.

In vial: Apple concentrated juice, Spinach leaves f.e., Apricot concentrated juice, Watercress aerial part f.e., Carrot concentrated juice, Beet concentrated juice, Nettle leaves f.e., Manganese sulphate.

1 vial = 11 mg of Iron (equal to 78.6% RDA).

Format8 ml
Units per box6 Pieces
PARAF code904420369
EAN Code8002738865250
NeedsIron supplement