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Research is curiosity

To perform research, you must be curious, ask questions and never be satisfied with easy answers but also ... dare. To think that nothing is taken for granted and investigating what lies beyond the appearance of an analytical result or in the potential of a plant.

Specchiasol was born from the curiosity of its founder. With his foresight, Giuseppe Maria Ricchiuto, 40 years ago, was able to see beyond the evidence that scientific literature provided on the therapetic use of plants.

Specchiasol's innovative capacity comes from a first phase of exploration.

A team of agronomists, divided between the St. Demetrio farm and the site at Bussolengo, is constantly engaged in improving the yields and quality of Specchiasol's crops. Determining the ideal balsamic harvest period for a plant, in fact, means identifying the time in which it expresses the maximum amount of active phytomolecoles.

The collaboration with important and prestigious universities allows Specchiasol to conduct its own research at the highest levels thanks to the implementation of an intensive exchange of ideas.

Specchiasol products often arise where ideas are born, i.e. universities: this is why the company cooperates on an ongoing basis with the University of Ferrara, Urbino, Messina, Milan, Padua and Siena.

An ad hoc, in-house working team is updated periodically by consulting the major international on-line databases of scientific journals. The meticulous assessment of what is published indicates which phytotherapetic routes will represent the valid premises for an effective nutritional application.

Specchiasol's marketing department is always aware of what is happening in the market of dietary supplements and cosmetics. The direct and constant contact with our customers allows us to always understand those that are the greatest expectations of the industry. If to this, we add the precise indications provided by the business sector analyses, we will get a very accurate snapshot of what the customer wants and seeks.

The combination of all these exploratory steps represents the heart of the business strategy. This is where the inputs for the development phase of products have origin, in order to achieve the best possible application of plants grown and harvested.